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Arkorelax, how about a good night’s sleep?

sommeil et stress
Laure Leray
Written by Laure Leray

As we all know, the transition to winter time can quickly become a nightmare. Between insomnia, stress and difficulty to catch up on a normal cycle, this simple one-hour jump can easily disrupt our body and impact our days. Arkorelax Sommeil Fort 8 h comes to the rescue and completes the Arkorelax range with a new innovative galenic product.

arkorelax sommeil et stress arkopharma


The formula, although rather classic, remains effective. Concentrated plant extracts of melatonin, passiflora, valerian and Eschscholtzia for a restful sleep and a stress-free fall asleep.

However, the galenic deserves a spotlight: a two-layer tablet that acts in two stages. A first rapid release step that allows pre-sleep relaxation and a second step that improves the overall quality of sleep thanks to « reduction of nocturnal awakenings ».

This technology thus gives the product a real added value while combining stress and sleep arguments. A winning combo with few references that can break into the segment.

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Laure Leray

Laure Leray

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