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Ineldea innovates to fight sarcopenia with Sarcofontil

sarcopénie sarcopenia Sarconfontil Ineldea
Written by Laura

With an increasingly visible aging population and a baby boomer generation (49-70 years old), age-related issues are more than a trend: there is a real need. This generation is the main target of the nutrition business for 72% of manufacturers. In response to this need, Ineldea is tackling the sarcopenia market with its new food supplement Sarcofontil.

Sarcopenia is an age-related syndrome that manifests itself as muscle loss and therefore a loss of physical strength as people age. Sarcopenia is a major public health problem, with a european prevalence of 11% in 2016, tending to reach almost 13% in 2045.

sarcopenie Sarconfontil Ineldea responds to this problem with a judicious combination of:

  • Leucine, an essential amino acid for muscles
  • Vitamin B6, involved in the normal metabolism of proteins
  • Vitamin D, involved in normal muscle function
  • HMB (hydroxy-methylbutyrate), which reduces muscle protein breakdown and optimizes leucine metabolism

Ineldea is launching here in an uncompetitive environment. Indeed, food supplements targeting sarcopenia are poorly represented. We can still mention Myo-Cit® from the Citrage laboratory, launched in 2011. However, competition may be found elsewhere, with NOC-type products or fortified food products.

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